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Joe Ralphs

Joe specialises in fat loss and body transformations and has a history of achieving outstanding results across a wide range of goals.  He is passionate about unlocking his clients’ potential.


Body Transformations

Fat Loss

Muscle Gain

Movement Correction

Lifestyle Coaching


Before opening the gym I worked with people from all backgrounds and experience levels across a variety of goals, developing my coaching skills through research, educational programmes and mentorship.
Although I no longer do any in person training, I am really passionate about unlocking our members' potential and showing them what is possible when consistent hard work is applied with the right level of accountability and knowledge. 
To many people a personal trainer is just someone who simply “kicks their ass” a few times a week, to others it’s someone who “helps them train a little harder”.  To myself and my team at Joe Ralphs Gym, it’s a lot more than that - our training methods focus on sustainability, balance, progression and consistency, delivering outstanding results and creating positive lifestyle habits.
It is very important to me to walk the walk and practice what I preach. I aim to inspire and motivate online clients and members by sharing my own journey and as an in-demand transformation coach, I’m recognised for setting high standards in the fitness industry both in the service and results I deliver.

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