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Callum Scott

Callum’s positive attitude is guaranteed to keep you motivated.  He is fully invested in his clients’ progress - no goal is too big with hard work, dedication and a bit of fun!


Body Transformations
Muscle Gain
Fat Loss
Strength & Conditioning
HIIT Training


Over the years, I’ve trained at a variety of gyms, developing my knowledge on all the possible techniques when it comes to getting myself and others in shape.

I’ve always been an active person and enjoy most sports – I played rugby for 13 years, love snowboarding and have trained for track events such as long-distance running.  

Six years ago I was involved in an accident which left me with extensive injuries that meant I could no longer play rugby.  Instead of dragging me down I found the rehabilitation process fascinating and I spent the time expanding my knowledge on the body and what it can achieve, learning first-hand the mental and physical benefits of exercise.

As a qualified personal trainer I take my clients results seriously - I love to see them achieve their own personal health and fitness goals.

Joe has been a fantastic mentor and it’s great to be part of a team that works together to try and get everybody to where they want to be in the best possible way.

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